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Cailin Dugan headshot Diamonds All Stars

Cailin Dugan

Introducing Cailin Dugan: Nurturing Dreams and Spreading Joy in Cheer Coaching With 11 years of personal cheerleading experience under her belt, Cailin Dugan enters the coaching realm with an infectious [...]
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Christian Bailey headshot Diamonds All Stars

Christian Bailey

Introducing Christian Bailey: A Beacon of Joy in Cheer Coaching Christian Bailey, a shining star in the cheerleading world, brings a contagious energy and a wealth of experience to his [...]
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Nakiyaah Peterson headshot Diamonds All Stars

Kiyaah Peterson

Meet Kiyaah Peterson 🌟 From Athlete to Coach, A Journey of Excellence Kiyaah Peterson’s journey with Diamonds has been a shining saga spanning 6 seasons. With 5 years as a [...]
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Rachelle Stooksbury headshot Diamonds All Stars

Rachelle Stooksbury

Rachelle Stooksbury is an invaluable asset to the DA team, having dedicated four years of unwavering commitment, with the upcoming season marking her fifth. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Human [...]
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Mara Bowman headshot Diamonds All Stars

Marah Bowman

Presenting Marah Bowman: A Champion of Growth and Excellence in Cheer Coaching Marah Bowman is a name synonymous with cheerleading brilliance, boasting an impressive 13 years of personal cheerleading experience. [...]
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Judy Bomar headshot Diamonds All Stars

Judy Bomar

Introducing Judy Moore Bomar 🌟 A Helping Hand Behind the Scenes 🌟 Judy has been an integral part of the DA family for an impressive 11 years. While she may [...]
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Macy Vaughn headshot Diamonds All Stars

Macy Vaughn

Introducing Macy Vaughn: Macy Vaughn: Inspiring Excellence in All-Star Cheerleading With an impressive 12 years of personal cheerleading experience and 6 years as a dedicated coach, Macy Vaughn is a [...]
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Keleigh Ligdis headshot Diamonds All Stars

Keleigh Ligdis

Introducing Keleigh Ligdis With a remarkable 14 years of personal cheerleading experience and an impressive 11 years of coaching under her belt, Keleigh Ligdis stands as a true luminary in [...]
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Allen Scott headshot Diamonds All Stars

Allen Scott

Introducing Allen Scott 🌟 Guiding Excellence Since 2013 Allen Scott’s coaching journey is one deeply woven into the Diamonds’ legacy, having joined in 2012 and sharing his expertise since 2013. [...]
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Dylan Palmer

Introducing Dylan Palmer: A Guiding Force At DA With an impressive 15 years of personal cheerleading experience and 11 years as a coach, Dylan Palmer has become an invaluable presence [...]
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